Muay Thai


Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and has a rich history. The Roots of Muay Thai date back to the battlefields of Siam where the Thais used the ancient arts of Muay Boran and Krabi Krabong to defend their homeland. Today the ring sport of Muay Thai uses punches, kicks, knees, elbows, and clinch work and is practiced all over the world.


What to expect: Muay Thai Classes at Team Phoenix consist of technical training to give you the correct technique, as well as pad work, sparring, stamina, and conditioning training.


Jeet Kune Do


Jeet Kune Do was created by the legendary Bruce Lee. Team Phoenix Jeet Kune Do is an exciting fast-paced blend of kickboxing, trapping, energy drills, and wooden dummy training.


We use a full curriculum for goal setting and skill progression. 

What to expect:JKD classes consist of technical training as well as pad work, sparring and fitness training


Shoot Wrestling

Shoot Wrestling is a Hybrid MMA style that was founded by Satoro Sayama in 1985. Shoot Wrestling combines elements of Muay Thai, Judo, Sambo, and Catch as Catch can wrestling to provide students a well-rounded fighting style.


If you want to learn MMA in a friendly and non-intimidating environment, this is the class for you! We have a full grading curriculum for goal setting and skill progression.


What to expect:  In this class, you will learn Striking, Clinch, Takedowns, Ground positioning, Submissions, and Escapes. Classes include warm-ups, technical training, pad work, conditioning, and sparring.




Originally used by the indigenous people of the Philippines to defend their homeland, we have distilled this vast amount of knowledge into a fun and safe way to learn how to train and spar with and without weapons.


We will be teaching you how to hit pads and spar with a single stick, double stick, and training knife in a fun and competitive way.  

We have a full grading curriculum for goal setting and progression


What to expect: In this class, you will be learning Empty hand and weapon skills in technical training, pad work, conditioning and sparring. 


Phoenix Kids


Our aim is to produce the best from your child!

Our classes  build on your Child's confidence, giving them the physical and mental attributes that they will use throughout their lives.

The class focuses on teaching the basics of Ju-Jitsu and self defence and also teach children about themselves and their capabilities. We have a comprehensive grading curriculum to help them progress from white to black belt 

All instructors are CRB checked and have undergone child protection training and first aid training.  All qualifications on public display.


Parents are welcome at any class and staff will be happy to discuss any part of the training, organisation or practises of the club.

For more information about kids classes contact Sharron on