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A Fantastic Weekend in Norway

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Wow is Norway ever beautiful! If you get a chance to go there definitely do. If you get a chance to go there and train its even better.

We had a fantastic time teaching a 3 day seminar in Kristiansand at the school of our good friend and Katalungan Guro Micheal Santos.

Day one brought Jun Fan entries and knife defence which everyone picked up really well, as its not easy!

We had a nice relaxed evening with some of the guys and girls from our KSI family. Relaxed is 1am.

Day two was filled with Sarong and Muay Thai clinch, with some sparring games at the end to get everyone sweating.

After training we got an amazing opportunity to do a photo shoot in the amazing cannonmuseum. This place was like walking into a film set. We couldn't resist taking some video!

Saturday night everyone went for a slap up meal and drinks in the skybar that overlooked the city and ocean!

Sunday was more knife and sarong with panantukan entries. We then wrapped it all up with hubad and bringing back everything we learned over the weekend!

We absolutely had a blast and can't wait to be back again next time!

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