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A monkey in the Bath!

What a wonderful weekend we had teaching at KSI Bath. Madunong Guro Harry Flexman and the rest of the team showed us a great time in their beautiful city. To kick things off we had a grading on Friday evening where all the candidates performed excellently and showed a good standard of technique and application.

Saturday brought long range self defence tactics and the monkey! The Monyet (monkey) part of the Kali / Slilat system is one of the most brutal things that we do and everyone appreciated the wonderfully base application of the monkey! The last part of Saturdays training brought some knife vs knife tactics in long mid and close range finishing with some standup knife grappling.

We set out on the town on Saturday night for a few small beers and wonderful conversation!

Bright and early Sunday we carried on our self defence tactics with multiple attacker defence. Using the same principles and techniques taught on Saturday we added the principles of stringing the fish. Street sarong was the second session where we used everyday objects like a number, belt, towel or jacket to distract, attack and defend under pressure.

The last session of the day was Silat grounded tactics. Being on the floor while our attacker is standing is one of the most difficult areas to deal with, but using techniques and tactics from our silat program we showed that there is always a fighting chance!

Thanks again to Harry and the KSI Bath team for a wonderful weekend and we are looking forward to the next time!

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